Sierra Fresh Food & Art Community Market




The online shop has been developed by farmers and other farmers market vendors to make shopping for farm-fresh products both more convenient, and accessible for those with health concerns.  We have not sacrificed quality for convenience. You get the same fresh from farm products as you would at a local farmers market. We only carry products from local farms. Local being Sacramento area in winter and Sierra Valley and surrounding areas in summer.  This ensures freshness and supports the local economy.  Our goal is to complement local farmers markets and community markets by offering online shopping, drive-thru pickup in different locations and times of day than the physical markets, home delivery, weekly box option, or custom standing orders. Vendors at local farmers markets will have the first opportunity to list their products in our market.

Art and Value Added Products


Salsa and sauces made from produce like that in the basket, and jams and jellies, as well as art made from natural materials and fiber from farms, soaps, etc, will all find their way to our market. Our goal is to support as many small local businesses as we can and to have the best selection of local products anywhere.

More Than a Market


In addition to the year-round market, the Sierra Fresh Food organization  plans to implement programs that will provide technical, educational, and financial assistance for those willing to transition to year-round farming, go organic, adopt more sustainable farming practices, or develop value added food products.